Monday, March 19, 2012

baby zzz-ing. quick. POST!
the shorts inspired this rare blog post today.
yeah, you're right, i should rename the blog to short lovey forever at this rate.
but the news validates my obsession. fourth hottest winter ever.
and a hot winter = hot shorts.
ruffly pastel fabulous shorts.
note le bebe sound asleep in his car seat below.
shorts scored at forever 21, everything else i'm wearing is ancient, relatively speaking. ;-)
miss you guys.

must. tip. toe. in. heels.

scurrying shhhhh snap snap snap with my mac book photo booth.

ALMOST woke him in this one. eeek.
OH AND! please listen. these guys rule through and through. as musicians, comedians and people. met them in orlando a few years ago. this new album comes out april 3rd. i'm over the moon as it sounds mind blowing.


  1. Like the different shades of bluee!

    1. merci, am forever blue obsessed.


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