Wednesday, December 01, 2010

hello, december!
this month is hectic, a flurry of activity. non-stop go go go. thus, the blog suffers. so sorry, loveys. i thought the least i could do was catch you up with some of the things i've been wearing amidst it all.
of red & plaid
ruffly top, forever 21. plaid shoes, betsey johnson.
if i lived in colder climes? i'd add tights and a major faux-fur coat.
& over-the-knee boots
dress is forever 21, tights are anthropologie, boots,
am living in sweaters, even on my legs! striped sweater leggings from H&M ('cuz yeah, we HAVE H&M now = YAY!) long cable cardie is boston proper, metallic stripe fingerless gloves: forever 21.
sparkle-encrusted hot damn-ness doesn't come easy... you're looking at at least six coats of OPI's twist of fate. hope your holiday season is ruling the world. give love.
cherish your family & friends.
listen to killer sound all the while.
this saturday's my wine & cheese party.
can. not. wait. to show you what i'm wearing.


  1. why can't I have your body? Been thinking about blogging a lot lately. Mostly to help get my creative juices flowing. Two names immediately popped into my head, "why can't I be you" an homage to The Cure and a phrase I find myself saying all too much, the other name? "what are you wearing" the question I ask all too much. as in, "what are you wearing to that party?"

    Speaking of parties, can't wait to see what you'll be wearing! Please take tons of pictures. I'm so sad I won't be there. Love and miss you!

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